What Past Participants of The Leadership Institutes Have Said...

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The Institute is a melting pot of creativity and innovation where good ideas are born.
Garry Fay, Director of Clinical and Treatment Services for Community Living North Bay
I came into the Leadership institute feeling hopeful to learn new skills. I left feeling confident and with some clear goals and visioning for not only my future, but the future of the agency I work for.
Aleisha Burta, Manager-Accommodation Services for Community Living South Muskoka
This training provided me with new Knowledge and useful resources to build and maintain a great team. I appreciated the stories that touched my heart deeply and is still resonating with me today. This training was the medicine I needed to revamp my passion and desire to push through on this journey to belonging for all.
Paulette Cross, Director of Services & Community development for Corbrook Awakening Abilities
The Leadership Institute enlightened me on how I view myself as a Leader, and how those around me view me. This greatly changed my perception on how I lead, and how I can become a better leader in many aspects. I cannot wait to take back all of the skills and knowledge I have been given and use it to enhance the quality of service I am providing for my organization, my team, and the people we support.
Andrea Andrus, Manager-Community Services and Partnerships for The Participation House Project
This was exactly what I needed to reengage myself. I am leaving feeling empowered, motivated and refreshed. My experience and the opportunities provided throughout will be something I will be forever grateful for.
Liz Raffoul, Community Living Supports for Community Living Essex County
It's not an understatement to say that this experience is truly life changing. I'll never think about myself, our work and how people are supported in the same way…and that's a very good thing. This Leadership Institute has made me feel uncomfortable and yet more sure of who I am at the same time. I highly recommend it!
- Mindi Mitchell, Vice President of Operations, RISE Services, Inc., Oregon
Attending the Leadership Institute is something I would recommend for anyone who wants to make a difference in the lives of others, staff, peers, and people supported; it's all relevant. This opportunity affords you the time and tools to really evaluate who you are as a leader and who you want to be as a future leader.
- Tanya Johnson, Residential Director, Adult Learning Systems of Oregon, Oregon
The Leadership Institute energized me and made me realize all leaders need to attend to re-commit to their vision and be with other leaders to discuss their biggest obstacles and greatest successes!
- Tiffany Devon, Director of Communications, Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority
It was wonderful to spend a week with such a unique group of individuals and presenters who share in the same vision. It was an intense week that brought focus to the important work we do and encouraged our individual leadership development. For me, one of the most important takeaways form this week were the connections and relationships we built. I am so grateful for this opportunity, it was a very worthwhile experience.
- Danielle Reed, Center for Human Development, Alaska
I recently graduated from the Leadership Institute in Kansas City. It was a week packed with reflection, learning, networking and camaraderie. I came to the institute with over 35 years of management experience but left with many new ideas and a fresh perspective. It would be without hesitation that I strongly recommend the institute for both emerging and seasoned leadership staff. We would love to have you in our network!
- Brad L. Klug MSW, Regional Director, One Vision
I can't recommend the Leadership Institute highly enough. The faculty and curriculum will challenge you to expand your thinking and really assess your role in serving those with developmental disabilities. I leave with a firmer sense of myself as a leader in this field, and with a renewed energy to make our system the best it can be. Thanks to the whole team!
- Barry Jardini, California Disability Services Association
If was an AMAZING week. Not only was I able to look at issues within the field, but I was able to assess my organization's role. Most importantly, I was able to reflect about my strengths, passions and areas where I need to improve. It was an action oriented week which was refreshing, and I feel armed with tips and tools to be an agent of change in my organization and community
- Kim Tenure, Education and community Outreach Coordinator, The Arc Arapahoe & Douglas
Anyone working in the field of developmental disabilities should attend this conference. It clarified my values and helped me on my journey to be the leader I've always wanted to become. A transformational experience! Not only for me, but for the people we support when I return to the office and start to make positive change.
- Liane Wilson, VP of Community Services, Home of Guiding Hands
The California Leadership Institute is a truly transformative experience. As an emerging leader with a disability, I truly believed I was doing all I could to advocate for others and model the way. I now have a different perspective of what it means to be “person centered” and feel confident of where I need to start to “be the change”.
- Michelle Reilly, Program Coordinator, Futures Explored, Lafayette, California
This Virtual Leadership Institute is a robust platform for an experiential, just-in-time learning of the "next practices" from trailblazers and change makers in the disabilities field. The course materials, facilitation and delivery were flawless. The presentations by the guest speakers and the case studies have been an eye opener for me to reimagine the design and delivery of services for persons with disabilities during COVID-19 and beyond.
- Ramu Iyer, PROVAIL, Employment Consultant
The Institute helped bring my focus and passion back to the thing that matters the most in this field; getting people better lives.
- Meaghan Simpson, Training and Quality Assurance Director, Progressive Community Services, Springfield, Missouri
The Leadership Institute at the University of Delaware is grooming our future leaders to move this field toward this new direction in an ethical and responsive manner. Otherwise, our industry will provide just more of the same bland, traditional services and will fill slots and respond to the needs of the state and provider agencies... It was an opportunity to learn, network, and rekindle my passion.
- Joseph Macbeth, Executive Director, National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals, Albany, New York
An experience like no other: Inspiring transformational, motivating… If you want to experience personal growth in one week that would normally take years, attend the Leadership Institute by the National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities at the University of Delaware.
- Kate Oborski, Program Coordinator, Independent Environments, Inc., Eugene, Oregon
A passion for leading a change that will improve the quality of life of the people we support- A fire to fight for something I believe is possible and not optional - thank you for the inspiration.
- Amanda Faulkner, Executive Director, Frontier Community Services, Soldotna, Alaska
It was an empowering and interactive week that will forever enlighten my thinking and decision-making. Participation in the Leadership Institute has increased and improved my individual power to lead for changes to enhance the future for individuals with developmental disabilities.
- Sandra Root-Elledge, Coordinator for Community Education, Wyoming Institute for Disabilities UCEDD, Laramie, Wyoming
This week changed the way I think about person-centered approaches. I thought my organization had solid values and progressive actions, but this week showed me there is much more to be done. It gave me tools so that I can develop myself as a visionary leader.
- Sherrill Boyes, Manager, Residential Services, Community Living Kingston & District, Kingston, Ontario
This was single-handedly the best experience of my professional career. The faculty were truly invested in us and our development. It was great to be able to take a break, unplug, and intentionally think and focus on me, my vision, as well as my strengths and weaknesses. I truly and wholeheartedly would encourage anyone who wants to challenge him/herself to become a leader to take this leap. Absolutely amazing!
- Kim Anderson, Director of Employment Services, Center for Human Services, Sedalia, Missouri