Information to Help Your Organization Get Started with the OPPI


We are so glad that your agency is interested in using the Organizational Priorities and Practices Inventory (OPPI)! Below is a step step-by-step process for disseminating the survey, collecting information, and developing a report specific to your organization's results. We do our best to make this process as easy as possible for your organization, so please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations.

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Getting Started with the OPPI

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Initial Meeting | During this meeting, we can answer any questions you have, and you will decide how the OPPI will be delivered, discuss the cost and timing from disseminating the survey to getting your results. We'll also talk with you about how our team can support you to use the results in the most effective way. After this meeting, we will send your organization a Memorandum of Agreement, and once signed, we'll get started!

Identifying a Point Person | Your organization will identify a point person who will be our main point of contact throughout this process. We will check in with this person regularly to share the number of responses, identify any issues, determine start and end dates for survey dissemination, and answer questions. The point person will also help us gather some information about your organization (size, location, nature of the agency's work or services, etc.).

Survey Dissemination and Completion | To begin collecting input from employees at your organization, we can disseminate the survey in one of two ways (listed below). We will provide email templates, updates on responses, and suggestions to increase engagement while the survey is open.

Option one. The National Leadership Consortium team can send the point person a survey link and an email template describing the OPPI. The point person will disseminate the link and email and send periodic reminders. The National Leadership Consortium team will regularly check in with the point person to share the number of respondents and make recommendations for encouraging more engagement if needed.

Option two. The point person will send the National Leadership Consortium team a list of emails of employees who will receive the survey (we are happy to sign confidentiality agreements and will not use any emails received for any purpose other than disseminating the survey). The National Leadership Consortium team will send periodic reminders and regularly check in with the point person to share the number of respondents.

Generating a Report for Your Organization | Once the point person and our team agree to close the survey (stop receiving any additional responses), we will send you a report of findings and help materials and offer a range of support and technical assistance to help your organization decide how to use the findings and make strategic decisions using your OPPI results (CLICK HERE to download a sample organizational report). You can see the different types of reports and support your organization will receive by reviewing the cost structure below.

Cost of the OPPI | For a short time, we are offering the OPPI at 50% of our nonprofit/ government rates. All organizations that use the OPPI will receive an individualized report that compares responses from different positions in your organization.

Baseline Reporting
In-Depth Reporting
In-Depth Reporting & Technical Support
$1200 $600$1500 $750$5500 $2750

Initial Consult with the National Leadership Team


Individual Employee Reports


Detailed Organizational Report Compared to National Average Results


Detailed Organizational Report by Position Compared to National Average Results


Generalized Results Interpretation Guide


Pre-Recorded Generalized Results Presentation


Guidebook: How to Interpret & Use Results


Standardized Slide Deck Template for Presenting Results to Stakeholders


Organization-Specific Results Slide Deck


Personalized Results Interpretations and Recommendations Report


Personalized Results and Recommendations Presentation and Discussion


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