Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me a little more about the development and purpose of the Organizational Priorities and Practices Inventory (OPPI )

The OPPI was in development for more than five years, incorporating input from field experts, research in best practices in and out of the disabilities service sector, and our experienced team. Feedback about the OPPI confirms its usefulness and importance in the field, helping organizations better understand their priorities and practices as they relate to evidence-based best practices. Organizations using the OPPI have found it useful in helping to identify areas of strength and areas on which to focus their energy in strengthening. While there are plenty of tools that measure different practices in organizations, the OPPI is unique in that it helps organizations connect the dots between their organization’s intentions (priorities) and what they do (practices).

How many people have taken the Organizational Priorities and Practices Inventory?

To date, more than 500 people have taken the OPPI, either as participants of our Leadership Institutes or with their organizations to measure current priorities and practices and inform organizational goals and initiatives.

How many people from my agency need to take the OPPI for us to participate?

There is not a set number of employees needed to participate in the OPPI. All employees should be encouraged to participate in the survey because the more people that participate, the better your agency will understand its strengths and areas for improvement. All agencies, large and small, are invited to participate!

How will having our employees take this survey benefit our organization and the people we support?

The organizational report will provide your agency with a breakdown of responses from all employees at your agency who complete the survey. The report will show you question by question, and category by category, how different groups of employees rated your agency’s priorities and practices. The report will highlight areas of strength and show you similarities and differences between different groups of employees. The report will also show you how your agency’s results compare to other agencies that have taken the OPPI before. To see a sample report, please CLICK here.

How do we get started with the OPPI?

The OPPI is an online survey that can be sent to employees at your organization in a few ways. A link can be sent to a point person in your organization who will then send it out to all of your employees, or a list of agency employees can be emailed the survey individually directly from the National Leadership Consortium. The survey will remain open for an agreed upon amount of time (usually about 1 month) and we will update you periodically about the number of responses we’ve received in case you want to send out reminders to encourage participation. If your agency is interested in learning more about how to get started with the OPPI, please CLICK HERE.

How long does the OPPI take to fill out?

On average, the OPPI takes people only 12-15 minutes to complete.

How long will it take to send us an organizational report?

We can create a report once your data collection is complete. The turnaround time should be about one week from the final day that your organization allows people to respond to the OPPI.

What does it mean that you are validating the survey?

Validation is a process to ensure that tools and metrics that are developed measure what they intend to measure. Validation will allow us to say, with certainty, that the tool measures what will be useful to organizations. The validation process includes several phases including research verification, expert feedback (both are complete) and statistical analyses that confirm that the questions asked truly relate to each of the six sections of the OPPI. We need approximately 1500 responses to effectively perform the needed statistical analyses. That’s where you come in; when your organization participates, your responses will be combined with those of everyone who has taken the OPPI before you and will be used in those statistical analyses. When we perform the analyses, the response from your organization will be kept completely confidential and any identifying information will be removed.

Because we know that the OPPI is an important tool for our field, it’s essential that we can say with all confidence that it measures the six key focus areas and the areas that are important to organizations. The validation process will help us say, for sure, that this tool helps organizations measure their priorities and practices in relation to best practices in the disability services sector.

How many people do you need to validate the OPPI?

To validate the survey, we need 1500 responses. Our goal is to collect responses from a range of disability service sector agencies across North America. If your agency participates, the responses that we receive from your employees will be combined with all others who have taken the OPPI before. All identifiable information will be removed before our validation analyses are conducted. We will never share any confidential information about your agency.