Articles of Interest About Leadership, Policy and Funding Issues

Steven Eidelman talks with the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) about Leadership, the development of future leaders and other issues of our times. The article is from AAIDD’s January newsletter (called F.Y.I.) and was the most read article in this electronic publication

Daring to Lead 2006: A National Study of Nonprofit Executive Leadership, A Joint Project of CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and The Meyer Foundation

Daring to Lead 2006 is a comprehensive national study of executive leadership at community-based nonprofits. Based on nearly 2,000 surveys from 8 metropolitan areas, the report provides current data on executive turnover, compensation, career plans, and retirement. It also explores leading causes of executive burnout—in particular, widespread frustration with boards of directors and funders. It identifies the skills that community-based executives most want and need to build along with the professional development strategies that they employ. The report concludes with recommendations to executives, boards, funders, and capacity builders.

Capturing the Power of Leadership Change, by CompassPoint and TransitionGuides

Transitions in executive leadership can involve significant risk. Of ten board leaders are concerned about transition because with transition comes uncertainty, a potential increase in Board responsibilities, and the effort involved in selecting the best successor. When transitions are no managed well crisis can ensue. Capturing the Power of Leadership Change discusses best practices and the resources available to support boards through the leadership transition process.

Founder Transitions: Creating Good Ending and New Beginnings, Annie E. Casey Foundation

This guide examines the unique challenges presented by transitions involving founders or long-term executives. It provides advice for executives and their boards in confronting complex issues these transitions present.

Up Next: Generation Change and the Leadership of Nonprofit Organizations, by Frances Kunreuther, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Research indicates that leadership transitions from the Baby Boom generation to Generations X and Y will become more common within the nonprofit sector. This report delivers a series of recommendations on how a variety of stakeholders can improve the hand-off from this generation of leaders to the next.

The Nonprofit Sector’s Leadership Deficit, by Thomas J. Tierney

The need for 640,000 new leaders over the next decade will shape the future of the nonprofit sector. In 2005, a Bridgespan set out to better understand the landscape of the nonprofit sector’s senior labor market. What they discovered was a stunning gap: a potential need, over the next decade, for more than half a million new nonprofit leaders. And, while some organizations, including our own, are recognizing and beginning to formulate responses, we believe that this is a sector-wide issue that will need our collective attention and support:

Leadership Development: Past, Present, and Future, Gina Hernez-Broome, Richard L. Hughes, Center for Creative Leadership

This article reviews notable trends in the leadership development field. In the past two decades, such trends included the proliferation of new leadership development methods and a growing recognition of the importance of a leader's emotional resonance with others.

Stress of Leadership, Michael Campbell, Jessica Innis Baltes, André Martin, Kyle Meddings, Center for Creative Leadership

The Stress of Leadership research report examines how stress impacts leadership. Two major research methods were used: a short in-class survey via computer kiosks and a volunteer Internet survey sent to CCL participants two to three weeks after completion of their respective programs.

The Changing Nature of Leadership: A Center for Creative Leadership Research Report, André Martin, Center for Creative Leadership

How has leadership changed and will it look different in the future? The Center for Creative Leadership explored this question with more than 300 leaders - and uncovered some important, emerging trends.

What’s Next? Baby Boom Leaders in Social Change Nonprofits, Building Movement Project

A report on how twenty-seven social change nonprofit leaders in the baby boom generation view their work and the contributions they have made during the past 30 years.

Purpose: The Starting Point of Great Leadership, Nikos Mourkogiannis

For any organization, the starting point of greatness is not in meeting expectations—whether of shareholders, board members, or constituents—but fulfilling a Purpose that fits the identity of the organization. This article asserts that organizations that thrive over time do so by invoking and fulfilling a purpose: ideally one based on a moral tradition that has stood the test of time. Leader to Leader Institute:

Social Service and Social Change: a Process Guide, Building Movement Project

A model developed for staff and board members of non-profit organizations who are interested in learning how to incorporate progressive social change values and practices into their work.

Generational Leadership Listening Sessions Report, Building Movement Project

Who will lead nonprofit organizations dedicated to progressive social change in the difficult decade ahead and what resources and skills will they need to meet the challenge? In 2004, the Building Movement Project convened Generational Leadership Listening Sessions with young nonprofit leaders in nine cities to explore these critical questions in the context of leadership transition from the Baby Boomers to a new generation.

Articles and Resources on Leadership Transition from Managance Consulting, including:

  • Leadership Transition Trends - research on leadership transition trends indicates that the nonprofit sector will see a significant increase in leadership changes through 2020.
  • Leader Development and Succession Planning Policy Outline - defines the approach of a nonprofit organization board of directors toward the organization’s executive leadership.
  • What We Know About Leadership Transition - presents an overview of trends and practices in leadership transition management.

Articles and Resources from the Support Center for Nonprofit Management, including:

  • Creating an Innovative Organization,
  • Executive Transitions: Nonprofit and Grantmaker Opportunities,
  • The Journal for Nonprofit Management - Issue on Leadership and Change, vol. 10, #1

Medicaid: A Primer

Provides an overview of the basic components of the nation's largest health coverage program which covers 55 million low-income individuals (including families, people with disabilities and the elderly) and is the dominant source of the country's long-term care financing. The primer examines the structure of the program, who it covers, what services it provides, and spending. Tables examining the state-to-state variation in eligibility, enrollment, and spending for Medicaid enrollees are included in the primer.