Coaching Structure

The coaching process has been designed to be both structured and flexible so that it can be tailored to you. You can select a base of either three or six months of coaching (with options to continue). The process involves some initial assessments and matching and is followed by several hours of support each month from your coach. We will also assist you in creating and tracking progress toward actionable goals.


First Step: The National Leadership Consortium will meet with you to learn about your goals for investing in coaching, utilize validated assessments and tools to determine areas of strength and need, and match you with a Leadership Coach with deep knowledge and expertise in your area(s) of interest.

Coaching: You and your Coach will meet regularly (monthly) for three or six months. Your Leadership Coach will listen, provide insights, help you develop meaningful goals and benchmarks to track progress, suggest resources, assessments, and tools, help you build your leadership network, provide feedback, and offer expertise in areas related to your ambitions and intentions.

Tracking Progress: Your Coach and the National Leadership Consortium team will help you track progress toward your goals and benchmarks so that you can see the impact of your growth during and beyond the six-month coaching cycle and remain motivated toward your goals.

All coaching will be virtual, so you can benefit from the experience and knowledge Leadership Coaches offer from anywhere!


Start-Up: A National Leadership Consortium team member will set up one or more meetings with you to learn about your goals, assess your strengths and areas of need, and match you with a Coach whose expertise is aligned with your interests (Start-Up Support: 5 hours)

Coaching: Initial and monthly virtual one-on-one coaching sessions with your Leadership Coach for six months (Coaching Support: 20 hours of meetings plus interim support) or three months (Coaching Support: 10 hours of meeting plus interim support)

Ongoing Support and Networking: You will be connected with all leaders who are currently or have received coaching support and all Leadership Coaches on the National Leadership Consortium Community of Practice. You will be invited to join a private page where you can access a library of resources, pose questions, share strategies, and continually connect and learn together, even after the six-month coaching is complete!

Meeting Structure: Virtual meetings will be held via Zoom, Teams, Phone, or whatever platform works for you.

Cost: $6,000 for six months of coaching or $3,500 for three months of coaching.


Examples of professional coaching topics that the National Leadership Consortium team can offer are listed below. Our coaching team brings a variety of experience and expertise in these topics and more. Once you get started with the coaching process, we will meet with you to determine the areas of focus that are most useful for you.

executive coaching

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